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Your Name Is Guy Kawasaki and You Are A Douche

A couple of days back, I was going through my RSS feeds via Google as usual, skimming through stories my as fast as my beady eyes could keep up with.

And then I saw this article by Lifehacker – I’m Guy Kawasaki, and This Is How I Work

I asked Jeremy when I was writing this post if he knew who Guy Kawasaki was and Jeremy mentioned something about motorcycles before changing the topic to why the Ministry of Education in Singapore deemed that the recorder was the only instrument required in music lessons. That shows how much fuck he gives about Kawasaki.

Alright back on track.

Guy Kawasaki is somewhat of a weird one. He used to work for Apple and old school Apple fanboys will remember him as the chief tech evangelist for Apple in the 80s.

He’s since gone on to create a few startups and made a name for himself after he left Apple and in recent times, have been vocal about his preference for Android over iOS.

The writer of the article I’ve linked to interviewed Guy and one of the questions she asked was what his current mobile device was.

This were his exact words:

Samsung Galaxy SIII. That’s right, I don’t use an iPhone. Real men use Android.

Firstly, did anyone even expect the guy (no pun intended) to use an iPhone. Yes he might have been the chief evangelist for the company 30 years ago but it’s been 20 years since he worked for Apple so why does everyone still associate whatever this douchebag do or say with Apple?

I certainly don’t.

Secondly, I am pretty sure most people who are fond of Apple products who are familiar with the company’s personnel like Steve Jobs and Tim Cook wouldn’t know who the fuck Guy Kawasaki is. He left Apple in 1987 so none of the success Apple is enjoying right now has got anything to do with this man so Lifehacker and every tech blog out there should stop placing Guy on a fucking pedestal like he’s some Apple guru

Thirdly, if Guy had any respect for the company he once worked for, even though he doesn’t necessarily think much of iOS, was it really necessary to trash talk and say that only real men use Android.

What the fuck does that even mean?

So you can customize your lock screen and you can use widgets. Wooooooh big fucking deal.

I’ve always maintain my stance that both Android and iOS are extremely polished mobile platforms and that even though Android is not for me, I truly believe that there’s nothing wrong with choosing Android over iOS. If you love tinkering and customizing your device to suit your needs, Android’s the platform for you.

No need to bash others just because they like something different from you do.

You would think that someone in the tech industry would speak with more sense and justify their choices for technology in a more logical manner but I guess when it comes to fanboyism, it truly shows a douchebag’s true colours.