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TweetDeck Is No More

Twitter has decided to can TweetDeck. At least for the iOS, Android and Adobe Air versions of the Twitter client. These versions will cease to work come May when Twitter turns the switch off on its 1.0 API. It’s not all bad news though, the OS X and PC versions will remain but no new features will be developed so users like me who rely on the desktop versions can continue to use them.

What is fucked up is Twitter, who owns TweetDeck from a $50 million purchase a couple of years ago, decided that it wants to focus its development efforts on a web version of TweetDeck and its Chrome app. It is obvious Twitter is trying to cull more third party apps, first with limit tokens and now by stopping development on its native apps to drive more of its users onto the web platforms where it can monetize its business by displaying ads.

I have to say I’m glad the OS X version of the app will continue to work because it’s the main Twitter client I use day in day out. I love the list columns on TweetDeck and many have suggested that Tweetbot has the same functionality as well. Unfortunately for Tweetbot, only the main timeline streams in real time and all the lists do not auto scroll when new tweets are available and only stays at the last tweet I viewed is a major downside for me.

Hootsuite seems to be another popular app but it seems overly complicated for what I want to do. Maybe I’ll buy Tweetbot and see if I can get used to the non-streaming list columns since I’m already using Tweetbot on my iPhone and iPad.