Tumblr Wars!

16 November 2012

Amid the popularity of Pinterest-esque sites popping up on blogging networks like Tumblr and WordPress, my friends, Sonti, Anthony and I decided to start our own little project a couple of months back called The Humble Mind.

It’s a photo collection of super cars, watches, gadgets, fashion, architecture, beautiful women and spectacular holiday destinations displayed in a Pinterest like way.


I would admit it was a pretty cool idea at that time until we discovered that after we started The Humble Mind, Anthony branched off and created his own Tumblr blog Simply Watch behind our backs! Ok, maybe Simply Watch doesn’t compete directly with The Humble Mind for audience because of the niche content of luxury watches but still, the betray forced into our throats by Anthony was hard to swallow. Haha.


That got me wondering. If Anthony started his own blog, why shouldn’t I? I never really liked the name for The Humble Mind and after a little brainstorming, I present to you Work Play Dress! The tagline of Work Play Dress out of this world I reckon.

Work sleek, play stylish, dress to kill.

So good right?!


So now that we each have our own Tumblr blogs, there seem to be an unspoken tension to see who has the most popular blog. Admittedly, mine is the youngest and only has 10 followers where as Sonti’s The Humble Mind has 33 followers and Anthony’s Simply Watch has 95 followers.

But you know what? I have no worries at all and believe that if I consistently post photos on my Tumblr blog, the reblogs and likes will come. Audience numbers will eventually increase and I WILL take over the crown and reign as leader of the Tumblr Wars!