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Photos: Black 64gb iPhone 5

I’m finally back from my holidays in Hong Kong and Singapore! Photos from the trip will come soon but as fate would determine it, my flight back to Melbourne would arrive on the morning on the 21st of September, the day the iPhone 5 is launched.

Initially, I wanted to sign with Telstra for it’s coverage but NONE of the stores I called up after I set foot in Melbourne had any in stock. Luckily, Optus at Epping Plaza had a black 64gb iPhone 5 in stock and it was a no brainer to stay with Optus if I wanted the phone today.

I’m loving the larger screen, thinner profile of the phone, upgraded camera and am totally amazed at how small the Lightning connector is. I might write an iPhone 5 review piece after I’ve used the phone for a period of time but for the time being, just enjoy the photos I took today.

IMG_8238_cb IMG_8239_cb IMG_8240_cb IMG_8250_cb IMG_8252_cb IMG_8254_cb IMG_8255_cb IMG_8256_cb IMG_8257_cb IMG_8259_cb IMG_8261_cb IMG_8262_cb IMG_8266_cb IMG_8267_cb IMG_8278_cb IMG_8280_cb IMG_8283_cb IMG_8284_cb IMG_8285_cb IMG_8286_cb IMG_8288_cb