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Photos: Belkin Grip Candy Sheer Case For iPhone 5


Sonti and I dropped by Streetwise at lunchtime and grabbed these nifty Belkin Grip Candy Sheer cases (blacktop/gravel) for the iPhone 5. The case is pretty sturdy and fits the iPhone like a glove. I don’t think dust could make it into the case and scratch the phone but it’s happened before so don’t take my word on this.

The case is constructed from a firmer TPU material which feels more like a quality product compared to silicone cases. The silicone ones tend to be extremely flimsy and some would even “tear” after long usage.

I was planning to use my iPhone 5 naked but within 2 weeks of owning the phone, I’ve already discovered a few minor scuff marks so into a case it shall go! And besides, the Belkin case doesn’t add to much bulk and now I don’t have to keep a single pants pocket free just for the phone.

It’s pretty annoying to stuff all my coins, car keys, house keys and work access card into ONE pocket and the bulge makes me look like I have a weird lopsided erection.

Anyways, the case is pretty cheap at $25AUD and Streetwise stocks them with different colours so go check them out.


  • Josh Zellers

    I would love this case for my phone, but I think it may only be sold in Australia. How would you feel about buying gone for me and shipping it to the US?

    • alvinng

      Hi Josh, I’ve replied you on Twitter. Look at what I’ve suggested there.

  • Josh Zellers

    Hi Alvin, thanks for all of your help so far! I was wondering if you could send me the SKU or product number of your case? Everywhere that I look in the US says Blacktop/Gravel, but is in fact just black on black looking. I really want the grayish sides for my case. I checked with Streetwise customer service and they only ship to Australia. I am striking out on all sides!

    Thanks again!

  • Josh Zellers

    Alvin, I can not find this case anywhere…is there anyway you could buy one for me at your local Streetwise store and ship it to the US for me. I could paypal you or however you would like to handle it…

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