Louise Buorgeois & MunsterHaus

Tuesday March 5 2013 10:18 pm

Last weekend was the last weekend I had with Jess before she jetted over to Las Vegas this Thursday so I thought we’ll do something she suggested. She asked if it’s okay if we visited the Heide Museum of Modern Art and I thought it was a brilliant idea. Jeremy had told me about Cafe Vue before which was just next to the museum and we could grab a bite there after visiting the museum and see what’s on.

The museum was having the works of French American artist and sculptor Louise Buorgeois’ work on display. It featured alot of her sculptures made from fabric she found lying around in her linen cupboard. It was really interesting looking at her abstract artwork and think the emotions she was trying to convey with her work.

Who am I kidding, I have no freaking idea what I am looking at. Even though her works were very interesting to view, most if not all of them were fairly creepy. On the other hand, I am very impressed with the likeness of the body parts she made.


Is this supposed to be erotic?

This one resembles two headless corpses having a bit of a hug in a glass coffin. One of them have this weird prosthetic leg. Both intriguing and erotic at the same time. The likeness of the torso, calves, buttocks and genitalia (you could see them if you view the piece from the side of the coffin where the feet were) on these bodies were uncanny. Again the word creepy comes to mind.


This is not creepy at all.

Her fabric heads are the ones that freaked me out the most. And the museum had ALOT of them on display. This particular one just showed a few different sized fabric heads strung upside down.

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Another slightly disturbing exhibit.

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Hanging clothes

After the trip at the museum, we wanted to fill our bellies at Cafe Vue but they had a wedding function on so we got kicked out! We popped over to this new vegetarian place in Fitzroy I found out from Jess’ workmate called MunsterHaus. I guess it’s some word play on Monster House but I have no clue how that is related to vegetarian cuisine.


Pretty retro looking decor.

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My share. I eat like a fucken glutton.

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Her share. slightly more sane than my share.

It’s one of those hipster vego places around the fringe of the city and only offers you three bowl sizes, small, medium and large and we could order any dish on display as long as it fits in the bowl. It’s actually a pretty good concept because you get to try a whole lot of different dishes but I doubt people like my parents would fancy it because there’s a lot of “healthy” choices and not typical Asian food like the folks favour.

Price is a little steep though. I grabbed the large bowl, Jess had the medium one and coupled with two drinks, it came to about $50. Would definitely go back again to see what other dishes they have on other days.