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HTC One Annoucement

I’ve just read the previews and saw photos of the newly announced HTC One but couldn’t help but notice that it looks exactly like the Blackberry Z10 at a quick glance. Maybe it’s just me but I noticed that the distinct two toned, top and bottom bar look of both devices resembles the rear of the Apple’s iPhone 5.

Is it fair to say that mobile phone manufacturers have resorted to not copy Apple directly but instead use the design on the back design of Apple’s iPhone as the front design of their own.

Steve Jobs famously once said when announcing Apple’s first iMac in 1998 that the back of Apple’s computer looks better than the front of anyone else’s. Seems like that quote still stands (for me personally) 15 years later.

Other interesting things I’ve picked up after reading The Verge’s hands on with the HTC One.

  • Google Now is hidden and requires a long press on the home button to activate it.
  • The physical multitasking key has been removed and replaced with a double tap on the home button.
  • The antennas are built into the aluminium chassis of the device.

Luckily Apple and HTC have a licensing agreement with each other because if not, we’ll probably be seeing another long and drawn out case in the courts ala Samsung.