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Got My Fitbit Flex!

I finally got my Fitbit Flex delivered 2 months after ordering it! The Flex was announced at CES in January and I’ve always wanted to get a Fitbit One but prefer something wearable like the Nike Fuel Band instead of a clip on one tracker which was easy to lose.

The Flex syncs wirelessly to my iPhone 5 via Bluetooth 4.0. The cool thing about it is when I’m walking and have the Fitbit iOS app on my iPhone, it actually shows the steps I’m taking in real time on the phone. Fitbit’s website dashboard and iOS app are extremely polished and I’m excited to test out the various functions like how well it will track my sleep and waking up with the silent alarm.

The only con so far I’ve found is the clips to secure the bands are a little tough to push through the holes but once it’s in, it holds extremely well. The LED lights are not really the most intuitive when it comes to showing information time like the Nike Fuel Band but I like the simplicity of the design.

At the end of the day, I’m impressed by the build quality of the device, and Fitbit even provides a smaller band (You have to choose sizes before purchasing the Jawbone Up) so I’m not complaining. I shall put it to good use and see if the Flex helps motivate me to be more active.