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Facebook Announces News Feed Design Update

Pretty glad that Facebook has finally put some love back into their website after recent updates have been focused on their mobile apps. The current news feed design has too much whitespace for my liking and the graphics used on the left column reminds me of websites from the early 2000s. The new feed is going to have larger album previews, bigger articles, music and status updates. The chat column will also be move to the left and reduced to a long column of icons.

Facebook is trying to bring it’s desktop website design in line with their mobile apps and I reckon that’s a good move keeping everything the same across all platforms. Many users are complaining the change is a ploy by Facebook to want to start aggressively pushing more ads into our news feed but what I want to say to these whingers is you’re using something for free and you’re complaining about ads? Would you pay for Facebook? If not, they should probably shut the fuck up.

Another thing I like is specialized feeds that shows only photos that my friend posts, music that they listen to or just status updates of people I follow on Facebook. This would have remove a lot of crap on my news feed like inspirational stories/quotes that people love to share and irritating updates/scores of Facebook games that my friends are playing.

Now if only Facebook would get rid of that two column timeline on profile pages and revert to a single column one as rumoured, I’ll be a happy camper.