The Fair Food Store


Natalie’s mum recommended The Fair Food Store in Richmond and I have to say, I’m quite impressed.

We both ordered the eggs on toast with the broad bean and pea smash and I have to say, the smash is to die for.

Would definitely be back to try more of the other items on the brunch menu!

Hot cake

We went back to Kettle Black to try some other dishes in their breakfast menu and I went for something sweet this time round and they didn’t disappoint.

The ricotta pancake was HUGE.

So huge that I could only finish 3/4 of it. I’m not usually a sweet dish guy but this hot cake won me over!



Had the pool to myself last night. It’s quite creepy at this time of the day and flashes from the movie Gui Meng Jiao┬ákept popping into my head while I did my laps.