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On one hand people are complaining that Manchester City is a wreck with money and would ruin Melbourne City financially down the road.

On the other hand, the same people are complaining that the club’s not using their millions providing free or cheap children clinics.

It seems like these people are happy for the club to be irresponsible with money when it benefits them.

Contradicting much?

A lot has been said and thrown around when Manchester City announced they have bought Melbourne Heart in January this year.

Things came to a boil this week when the club announced that they have signed David Villa on a guest stint and changed the club to Melbourne City FC with a new kit.


Keep The Read and White

Lots of fans have voiced their displeasure at the prospect of changing our club colours to sky blue and the owners have come to a compromise with that issue.

Melbourne City will be playing in a white home kit, retaining part of the clubs history while incorporating the blue and navy blue of its sister clubs Manchester City and New York City FC.

They even let us keep our red and white outfit as an away top.

You would think that this would make the fans who have been screaming foul of the colour change happy but obviously things are not as simple as that.


Bandwagoners or Just Excited for the Future?

Hardcore Melbourne Heart fans feel like they have the right to label the current fans who accepted the changes and new fans attracted by the prospect of watching players like David Villa strut their stuff at AAMI Park as ‘glory hunters’.

One of the reasons being touted by these hardcore fans was with the Manchester City fiscal bullshittery and the perceived death of their club (their words not mine).

They can’t get on board with the changes and would take the ‘wait and see approach’.

I don’t get it.

Are they upset about the changes in colours and names or do they not want Manchester City to take over at all?

I’m assuming if Melbourne City FC is not run to the ground into administration or in financial ruins, these hardcore fans would be happy to call themselves Melbourne City fans?

How is that not a definition of glory hunting if they only want to be associated with the club if they know that they club would exist and be doing well for an extended period of time?

After a quick Google, this is what I have found for the definition of a glory hunter:

“Any fan who only follows a team because they are successful.”

I know these are the same fans who went through the rough patches with Melbourne Heart when the club was at their lowest points but to label others as glory hunters just stinks of hypocrisy.

In fact the real fans are the ones that doesn’t care if Manchester City runs the club to the ground or not. They are behind the team 100% whether they’re going to succeed or fail in any shape or form.

There is absoutely nothing wrong with getting excited about the club’s directions moving forward and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. 


Supporters like to think they’re bigger than the club and that they know better but in reality they’re not.

Old fans leave, new ones will come and warm their seats in the stadium. The club will march on regardless.

There needs to be a mutual respect between fans and club but the discussions I have seen in the past few months have been a one way street.

These fans seem to be screaming it’s either their way or the highway.

The ones that claim they’re going to leave the club will do so eventually. They are the ones that nitpick on everything the club changed so no amount of compromise is going to change their mind.

I respect their decision to leave but don’t ever fucking call me a glory hunter when we’ve yet to kick a ball on the pitch or win anything.

Ange Postecoglou announced his provisional 30 man Socceroos provisional squad for the World Cup in Brazil 2014 this morning and there was a sense of buzz with the players he has chosen.

Although there were no surprises in some of his selections, only 8 of the 30 has feature in the World Cup in South Africa 2010.


A-League Players Get a Shot

10 out of the 30 players called up ply their trade in the A-League.

Ange is showing that he’s not afraid to pick players who are getting game time and playing well in the local league compared to overseas based players.

Newcastle Jet trio Birighitti, Brilliante and Taggart were called up for the provisional squad after brilliant (pun not intended) performances in the A-League this season.

Taggart finished the season as top scorer in the league while Birighitti and Brilliante have been consistently feature in the Newcastle Jets first team.

Other A-League players called up include Spiranovic, Franjic, Galekovic, McKay, Milligan, Troisi (on loan from Atalanta) and Rogic (on loan from Celtic FC).


Young and Untested Players

I admit, I have never heard of Bailey Wright until last week when my wife pointed out to me he was Australian during the League One playoffs between Preston North End and Rotherham United.

Ange has apparently been keeping tabs on him since the start of the year so it’ll be interesting to see if the PNE centre back survives the cut for the 23 men squad.

I’m also quite glad Curtis Good has been called up.

Apart from the fact that he’s an ex-Melbourne Heart player, playing regularly for Bradford and Dundee after signing for Newcastle United certainly didn’t hurt his chances.

Hopefully he’ll start some games in the group stages in Brazil.


Missing Out

There were some players that I thought might be in with a chance of a call up but didn’t end up making Ange’s 30 man squad.

Luke Brattan had an outstanding season with A-League grand final winners Brisbane Roar but failed to get a call up in the squad that’s littered with midfielders.

Ognenovski also missed out after an impressive late season run with Sydney FC. His experience could have come in handy as it looks like we are bringing a very young defence to Brazil.

Players like Archie Thompson and Brosque who featured regularly in the qualifying rounds were snubbed but I doubt we will miss them.


Injury Blow

Some of the players called up to the squad were probably a result of injury to some of our key players.

Kruse, Rhys Williams and even to an extend Sainsbury would have been considered for Brazil but injuries have ruled them out of selection.



Ange has repeatedly emphasized that the squad he selected is a step forward for the national team and I would think that getting a result at the Asian Cup in January would be a more realistic expectation than the World Cup in June.

With Australia in a group with Netherlands, Spain and Chile at the World Cup, there is practically zero chance of us getting through to the knock out stage.

But with a mix of youth and experience in this team and Ange favouring the quick passing game, who knows, we might be in for a surprise in a month’s time.